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Iberico Beef presented @ Anuga 2017
100% Pure Breed Japanese BEEF

100% Pure Breed Japanese BEEF

We proudly present our new available products. As from today we can offer the one and only true Japanese Beef products from the following regions in which it is raised: * Tajima  * Kobe * Kag… ...
Patrick Riedijk
Iberico Beef Presentation in Belgium
Spanish Rack semi Dry Aged - Now available!!

Welcome to Patoya Trading

DURABLE & EXCLUSIVE MEAT PRODUCTS First of all we would like to thank you for visiting our website. Patoya Trading is a relatively young organization that concentrates mainly on delivering only Exclusive meats. We distinguish ourselves by our exclusive range in this segment and our direct approach to trade. Our customers can expect only the best service and after sales and only get Top quality Meat products delivered. Our goal is not to be the biggest, but to achieve the Best for our customers. TIME & SPACE Patoya Trading believes that each animal needs Time & Space to develop itself in its Natural Habitat. Both factors not only influence directly the quality of the end product, they contribute to a natural and good life of every animal from our product range. Only in this way can we guarantee you an honest piece of meat. In our range you will find only meat from animals that meet these criteria. Patoya Foods deals with Durable Food Products. Any meat product offered by us is 100% anaesthetised slaughtered to secure the animals well-being. All animals have led their lives in their natural habitatsThis gives our meat products that old-fashioned authentic taste where we all are looking for. Some of the products we can offer you are:

  • Iberico Beef (Spain)
  • Label Rouge chicken (France)
  • Mangalica pork (Hungary)
  • Black Angus Beef (USA)
  • Chianina Beef (Italy)
  • Wagyu (Netherlands + Chile)
  • Game (Slovenia)