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Patoya Trading

Specialized in the international trade of Food & Consumer products.




About us

Your international business partner in Food & Consumer products

Patoya Trading was founded in 2010 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and finds its origin in meat products. Today Patoya Trading has become an international business that works with a variety of FOOD & CONSUMER products in various branches.

All products we work with are original, exclusive & competitive.

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Patoya Trading,

Connecting buyers and sellers worldwide


Years of experience

in doing international business within the field of Food & Consumer products


Working methods

thanks to our extensive experience with value added services such as: product labeling, translation service, export / import documentation, transport and contract management


focus on Food & Consumer products that are

Exclusive, original & competitive

and always interested in products to further expand our business


International commerce of Food and Consumer products

Our strength is to establish international  commerce by focussing on not only 1 type of product but on originality, exclusiveness and competitiveness.

Our curiosity makes us adapt to new markets fastly and learn comprehensively about the products we work with.

We work in different ways depending on the product/market combination. Read more

We are always open minded towards working with new companies and products.

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Patoya Trading started off years ago as an exclusive meat trading company. Until this day we’re still highly active in this field with items such as Game meat, Spanish Iberico Beef and French label rouge chicken.

Along this path we extended our focus on other premium-quality food products too, such as olive oils and particular wines.

We also further developed our meat related business; we currently source production meat products for various production purposes such as the Pet food industry.  

Due to our accumulated network and knowledge of connecting buyers & sellers worldwide, we have enhanced our business with consumer products as of 2 years ago:

We’re actively seeking to expand with new international consumer products.

We’re currently active in 11 countries:

  • Netherlands
  • Spain
  • Slovenia
  • Belgium
  • France
  • Lithuania
  • China
  • Poland
  • Denmark
  • Germany
  • Aruba

Most (85%) of our customers are businesses.

We act mostly as a wholesaler, distributor and / or sales agency.

 A glimps of the FOOD & CONSUMER products we currently work with:

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Exclusive meat zwart wit
My Post (14)
My Post
My Post (16)
Cava zwart wit
Production meat zwart wit
Childrens shoes zwart wit



“Working with a small team we try to be as cost-effective as possible so that we can distinguish ourselves at, among other things, the price level we offer.”

“The quality we deliver should never be a point of discussion, we coordinate with the customer what is needed and find exactly what is required.”

“We offer solutions. And with that we relieve our customers.”

Our working methods:

  • We serve importers, manufacturers, (online) retailers, distributors and wholesalers.
  • We source exclusive & original products from plants throughout Europe and beyond.
  • We constantly develop new markets and search for new products.
  • With that our customers and our suppliers benefit from cost effectively positions.
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We are a sales agent for companies with exclusive & original FOOD and/or CONSUMER products. We expand you international business on a commission base.



We act as a wholesaler or distributor by importing (non) food products from manufacturers troughout Europe and beyond and resell locally or export. 



Recently we start selling original & exclusive products via dropshipping and through online platforms such as Amazon and Bol.



We act, on demand, as strategic buyer for (non) food companies. As your strategic buyer we make sure quality and price requirements of orders are met for our clients.


We stand for:

Sleutel integrity

We always deal discretely with know-how of companies and value sincerity in our communication. Upon request, we can work exclusively for your company.



We strive for the highest quality of our products and service and take full responsibility when standards aren’t met. Moreover; we always pay our suppliers on time. 


competitive pricing

We always offer our products and services for competitive prices since we handle humble profit margins. This is possible because of our low company costs (small office team etc.).



We’re always open for business!

Postbus 4282 3006 AG

Telephone: +31(0)10 737 15 99


Patoya Trading

CoC number: 50246674

VAT number: NL001571973B57

Since 2013 we are an accredited work placement company. Feel free to contact us when you are interested in doing your internship at our company. We’ll make it worth while! 

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